Email About My Game?


So, I'm just randomly playing around in Hopscotch...

First off, this is AWESOME. But I haven't received it! My friend texted it to me! Has anyone else gotten this email?


yea i just got it its a awesome game


That's amazing. Amazing!


Thanks! I just haven't gotten it yet. I'm just seeing if anyone else recieved it!

Have you gotten the email about my game?

  • Yes!
  • No.



Congrats! :D.


Thanks! I couldn't believe it!:smile:


Oh this is nice. Yeah!



Guys- we've just been BLOWN AWAY by all the amazing hopscotch games made in the last two weeks. We can hardly do our real jobs because all we want to do is Hopscotch.

The emails go out in stages, so if you haven't gotten one and you're signed up for emails, it should be coming soon. Not signed up? Join here:


Thanks for clarifying!:wink:


So are you sending out emails of games like?


We send an email about every other week. Sometimes they're about new videos, new features, contests, or cool things we've seen in Hopscotch. ALSO! If you have ideas of things you think would be good to send in these emails, please tell me! The goal is to make them fun and interesting to you.


Was there any specific reason my project was picked? As you said, there were SO many awesome projects!:slightly_smiling:


You know what might add to the awesomeness, @Liza? If, after enjoying these games, members of the HT were to individually, personally share what they find the most fun, attention-worthy or addictive in a game and offer an example or two of games that they have enjoyed and what they loved most about them, I believe that would give rise to a collective brainstorm (brain hurricane) of new ideas, inspiration and motivation in the community - especially to those who relish such attention.


That's a great idea, @oio! Big fan! Anyway, I agree with that. It would benefit everyone if this was added, like you're talking about. It would definitely inspire Hopscotchers who really strive for that to be even more motivated in making their own games.


I was one of the first people to play the "square tapper", (the first version) and I thought it was AMAZING! It's a unique idea I wouldn't have thought of. :slightly_smiling: achieved a minor victory, I was the second person to like the featured project (before it was featured)


That's a great idea, @oio. And you're right about it being a hurricane :slightly_smiling:

We did a round up from 2015 with some of this kind of feedback:

The most important thing to add is that we love WAY more games than we could ever include in something like this. If anyone's projects haven't been featured, included in lists like this, or mentioned by us, that doesn't mean we haven't noticed them. We probably have, and we've probably gotten a huge amount of joy playing them. So keep making :slightly_smiling:

One thing I loved about Square Tapper was that it was really easy to figure out, but hard to get right. I was struggling to make my finger and eyes move faster and in better concert with one another. It's original and well designed, too.


You said it even better than I did! I want to see the maximum amount of awesomeness and happiness, and I think I am seeing a clearer path to it in this very kind, very encouraging feedback from Liza. The HT are simply wonderful, and I know that they LOVE to read all the buzz, play all the new projects and see everybody excited for the right reasons.

Great work, @Gilbert189. Best of luck on your NEXT great project! :smile:


Thanks!!! I love how helpful you are!


You really deserved it! I got the email!!


@oio, thanks! I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future!