Ella_13 Q&A- Ask Me questions


Ella_13 here

Please ask me questions

Only rules:
* nothing innapriopriate
* I don't mind saying my age and state but no addres.s
* you can ask about my siblings
*have most Q's stay on topic please

Ask away please!

Some examples of stuff you can also me is:
What's ur favorite project?
Is it fun having a twin?
WhAt grade r u in?
Do u like trail art or pixel art more?


Someone please do the OMTL cause my iPad won't let me for some reason...


Hi! :)
What is your favorite block? (Leave a trail, etc.)
If you could add any block to Hopscotch what would it be?
Thanks! :D


Thanks for the questions:)


You're welcome! :D


Is it fun having so many siblings?

You must never be lonely. :sweat_smile:


Ya it's fun most of the time. It gets a bit hectic though
. It's fun having a twin though

Thanks for the Q


If you could feature any project that hasnt been featured yet then what would it be?


What would you add to hopscotch if you could add anything? :blush:


How long do you spend on a project on average?


Hi @Ella_13!

What are you working on?

What inspires you?

What are your tips for other coders?


I can not belive it but



What is your hopscotch username?


What would you change about HS?




Hi Ella

Who's your favorite rapper/singer?


Umm idk

I have favorite songs though. Closer, cold water, and a couple other


Oh ya I like closer

Also 24k magic

I'm sick of drake though


How are you sick of drake? :blush:
Started from the bottom now we here....


I think I might know you irl...do you have short brown hair and tan-ish skin?