ElijahPw's Beta Testing Topic

This will be used for new games I make or to test updates for some of my older games, before they come out.

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hey @ElijahPw, this is awesome! can’t wait to see what you will make :rocket:

some hopscotchers prefer their beta topics to be unlisted; this is a setting that makes a topic more private by removing it from the topic lists in “latest”. this is totally optional, but I thought I’d present the option in case you’d like it! just tag me or one of our other @leaders, and we’d be happy to set it up for you.


A new beta testing topic :partying_face:!
It’s been awhile since someone made one of these.

I’m excited for these game updates!


Catch A Wave time! This game is a surfing game that is all about doing tricks, gaining momentum, collecting achievements and more!

Surfing Modes
  1. Game Modes
    This game offers 4 game modes which are Stunt Run, Time Trial, Play Ground, and Shark Frenzy!

  2. Stunt Run
    This game mode is all about doing stunts! Do as many as you can to impress the judges, but the harder the stunts are to preform the more impressed the judges will be. So jumping will not impress them as much as a flip. At the end 3 judges will score you based on the stunts you did.

  3. Time Trial
    This game mode your against the clock, you start with 10 seconds, but 10 seconds doesn’t last very long. So your goal is to do stunts to increase your time, or collect clock power ups that spawn on the course to increase your time. Once you hit 0 seconds its game over. Just like Stunt Run the harder the stunt is to preform, the more it will increase your allowed time.

  4. Play Ground
    No Objective in this game mode. This is more of a practice mode for you to get used to the balancing, the stunts, the waves, and everything else you can do.

  5. Shark Frenzy
    There are sharks in the ocean now, your goal is to not let them touch you or you fall off your surf board. there are 2 shark AIs at the moment. One of them charges at you your goal is to jump before it touches you. The other is it jumps over you, so try to avoid jumping in this mode when you can.

Controls & Stunts
  1. Stunts
    There are 3 stunts you can preform these are, Jump, Flip, And Superman

  2. Jump
    The jump is the easiest one to preform, to preform it swipe up while on the ocean to preform it.

  3. Flip
    The Flip is the second easiest to preform, jump or swipe up while your on a wave to preform one.

  4. Superman
    This is the hardest one to preform, swipe to the left when you have enough speed, then jump or swipe up to preform one.

  5. Balancing
    One of the most key parts of the game, There are 2 ways you can balance you can change them in the games settings. “Tap To Balance” and “Tilt To Balance”. Balancing is important in this game, because you can fall into the ocean if you lean too much one way.

  6. Tap To Balance
    To Balance, with this control scheme tap the side of the screen that you want to lean the direction you want to go.

  7. Tilt To Balance
    To Balance, with this control scheme tilt your device to the way you want to lean.

Surf Board Customization

There are 11 surf boards to choose from, each come in a variety of colors and designs. 4 of them you unlock from completing achievements.


There are 9 achievements, some are harder than others. Complete these to unlock surf boards. There are 2 categories for the achievements “Stunt Achievements” and “Game Achievements” .


Don’t like the controls? Or the game is too laggy? You can change all of that in the settings you can change the Balance Settings, Graphic Settings, Music settings, and SFX settings.



Lastly this is the beta release, so any feedback, suggestions, or bugs you find. Please let me know I would be happy to hear your thoughts.
Finally here’s the link to Catch A Wave https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/11spfwv6r1


Amazing project!
I haven’t found any bugs so far, but I’ll let you know if I find any (and I’ll try to help you fix them).