#Election2016 project



I remixed it because I wanted to use the pictures. And here is the link if you want to look at it https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ycfuaku0x
I put it on Nominations For Featured. I hope I get on featured it took me a long time. And my Hopscotch user is CleverCoder™ NOT CutePuppy{on}:dog::art:™. But I may use CutePuppy not for featured. But CleverCoder™ I am going to use that's for featured.


Anyone here I am waiting for chatting


@Sweetlina could you call more people to chat please


Hi! I will chat. I am so bored


This is really cool! I like the "I voted" sticker. And the suggestion to remix with who you vote for.

Just a little feedback, I would maybe fix some grammar, and make the text stay a little longer.

Otherwise, really good idea and project!


It took so long I am tired


Hi @TheBloomingGarden you were my BFF on Hopscotch could you teach me trail art by the way




BTW my new account is Lemons&Oranges


Sure that's so cool I'm glad I was a good friend


Where did u get ur profile picture it's cool


I follow you I know and you have cool trail art I liked them all please teach me trail art


Here is the picture website https://mybluerobot.com/create-your-own-avatar/ you make your own


@TheBloomingGarden please don't leave me left out


Anyone here I fell lonly like suriosly


His im back sorry had to go outside


I will teach u. I will make a trail art topic to help u