Election Arguements


Hello hops :)

I've been seeing a lot of election topics recently! It's pretty exciting news!
I see all sorts of different topics on the election, I'm here to talk about them :D

Having a topic just saying trump won is fine! But some of the posts and topics I see in my opinion aren't ok :0
First off we all have different opinions on this.
Hillary, or Trump.
Some of us support Hillary, some of us support trump. And we all have our freedom of speech!
I might say: I wanted Hillary, but let's see what trump can do as president!
And another might say: I'm so happy trump won! He's going to be an amazing president!

That's sharing your opinion nicely and adding to a conversation, which is awesome! But there's also some not so awesome ways to share your opinion ):

Here's a bad example, what in my opinion you shouldn't do.
Me: I'm so happy trump won! He's going to be a great president!

Meanwhile on another topic.

Person 2: Trump is going to start world war 3!!!
Person 3: No way! He's going to be amazing!
Person 4: I'm so sorry America, your doomed.
Person 2: Please stop I have an opinion too!!!

I'm not saying there has been an arguement, but share opinions nicely to prevent them :D
We cannot vote, so let's all be equal :D


I'm glad u made this topic, however there is many like this.


I think America is going to be fine. Trump is better than Hillary in my opinion. Just an opinion. I'm glad you made this topic.


Hi trendygirl! What time is it in britan? In america it is 1:55 p.m.


19:05 rn.
When you sent the post, it would be 15:55


19:08 or 7:08pm :slight_smile:


Smishy supports trump? :0 that's news to me.
he's horrible but nobody needs to respond to that, my opinion, sorry, we'll all live,the world hasn't exploded. Not literally anyway


You do not need to share your opinion in 10+ topics.


I support Hillary :D

But we can't do anything about that now :D we can't mope all day because Hillary lost, let's see what trump can do for America :) I dont think it should matter if I support trump or support Hillary :D


Wanna go to mai gen topik fren


WHy do you lie
You're not calming anyone down at all


Well I'm trying to. Everyone thinks trump will be horrible. In my opinion, there should be no president. There should be a nice happy world and everyone would do things for each other, not for money. It's just my opinion. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, just saying, he isn't that bad and we will be fine.


I don't care cause I'm not American!


Why do you say that?


Because it's my opinion and I am allowed to say it


no fights please thanks :D


I'd like to show you something:

I'm assuming that you live in the United States because you made this topic.


Ok, fine. Just don't share mean opinions, k.


You should be quiet k


( ̄^ ̄) I'm sorry...