Elecat art club



The last one failed n died so here we go again.


so maybe that will work.

anyways, just ask to join if you wanna. theres no requirements and no talent needed. however, you must agree to these rules.

1. you cannot shame others’ talent
2. if you do not win, you must accept the fact you didnt win
3. if you cannot participate in a challenge, notify me and i will respond asap.
4. be nice in general
5. do not steal or trace art. this will result in you being out if the club.
6. make sure what you draw is original. if you used a refrence, it would peferbly anatomy, poses, colors, etc. not other peoples art. however, its ok to be inspired by an artist.

i will update this with new challenges, every two weeks.

this weeks challenge.


lol im sorry i just love this kinda stuff. So. surreal art. The definition of surreal is “a bizzare mix of fantasy and reality.”

so your challenge is to create a surreal image, weather its a photo or drawing. for this challenge, i reccomend searching up surreal art (and/or) photos for inspiration.




Hewow maby i will join i didnt read it




hold on lemme fix it


Aaaa can I join

The next three weeks I can’t it’s finals I’m sorry I’ll try this one tho ^^
And then after that is Ramadan and I wanna devote my self yah know
So I’m sorry I may not be able to do it for a while

Aaaaaaaa sorry I wanted to join but I won’t do someeee ;——-;


I read it no and still want to join


oo coolio I’ll join :)


Hi I’ll join! May I do this challenge?


Wait…So surreal art is creative and colorful and well pazzaz?


could i join?


This sounds interesting

glad 2 see this back


ooh snazzy

could i join plz :0


I will join! Dragons you shall be ignored and replaced by humans this time


Can I join? I’ll do the challenge now if you want?!?


@photographer123 yep!
@Sugarisyummy yep
@Got_This_Glow yep


Can I join? :PPP


woah I have a art club too but can I join this one please?


Ooh sounds fun may I join?


yes pls add me thanks

i love your art and would like to be part of yer art club




oki !