Elder badge? Is it on the forum?



Okay so I was looking at discourse and I found a elder badge is this on the hopscotch forum and what can they do @sam?


Idk about that one, but I know a lot of badges were disabled compared to Discourse Meta


Can you show me a link on where you found it. I don't think we can get the badge though


One second....


Here https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924 don't worry it's safe to go to!


Ok, I understand, you can't get Elder, I think it's only on discourse or the hopscotch team disabled the badge, so we can't get it. Like the waffle badge that we can't get it...

I want da waffle badge so bad, but can't have it cuz they disabled it XD


They switched it... To make the levels more clear.. :wink:


I viewed some profiles, and it looks like a lot of badges were disabled. I saw a first quote, first like, bug squasher, and reader badge just to name a few.


It's not quite disabled, more like they renamed the levels to make more sense. The image there is more like what they based it off on.