EKC's Art Club!


Yes, I am making an art club.

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Tags magical artists @OrangeScent1 @ColourfulBlack @LotsaPizza @Pingu
YES MODS. I will make sure it's all Hopscotch related or not inappropriate

I'll have challenges every 2 days!
The first one will be in 2 days.
Please put an example of your art below.

People Who Are In


Challenge 1

Comes out on July 2


What do you do in this art club


Draw stuff! XD There will be challenges.


On a remixed art pad?


Anything. It could be on an HS art pad, another app or on paper.


Ok. I might do it.


All be in ^.^ I might not be able to do every challenge because my drawings take FOR.EVER. But I'll try!


Yay! Thank you so much!


I will do it!

I love doing challenges!

Although my drawings are not very good :flushed:

I think I am going to use Paper 53 becuase it is a very useful drawing app.


Ok! Thanks! And I've seen yours and @Malie's art so you don't need to put a picture.


You're on my topic?
5 Minutes Later....
Ok I'm good now.
Do you wanna join, or did you just stumble across this topic?


Ok. Thank you. First Challenge is tommorow.