EKC's 10 Day OC Challenge!



CHere is the 10 Day OC Challlenge, inspired by the 30 Day OC Challenge.
Please post everything on the main drawing post.
It can be posted on this one too.

Day One: Sleeping

Day Two: Eating

Day Three: Dressed Up As Your Favorite Hopscotch Block

Day Four: Riding A Bike

Day Five: Dressed Up As Your Favorite Animal

Day Six: With Another OC (make another if you only have one)

Day Seven: Dressed Up As Your Favorite Hopscotch Character

Day Eight: On The Beach

Day Nine: At A Party

Day Ten: Talking (make a speech bubble and put any ONE word in it. as long as it is appropriate)

I hope you participate!
Please tag me if you do!


Would you guys do it? You are all amazing artists!


Uh, fren?
Did you just take random prompts from the 30 Day OC Challenge and place them here? If you like doing the prompts, just do the 30 Day Challenge.
Also, unlike the 30 Day Challenge...
This is not Hopscotch related.
I don't know if it's my place to tell you that, since I'm not even a member yet, but it really isn't.


I'm sort of confused how to do this. I don't know what the 30 day of challenge is, or the 10 day oc challenge. Please explain it to me and I will participate!! :wink:


Here's the link to my more detailed instructions, and the prompts themselves:


Basically, you draw one prompt per day (skipping days is fine if you're busy; just do the prompt you missed the next day), in order. All the prompts are centered around
an OC, or Original Character, that you made up. It can be an existing one or one you've made up just for the challenge. You can ask questions in the topic above, and I'll be there to answer them! (^ω^)


Ok, thanks!!


@Zachyswag, it's when you take your OC and draw them doing stuff on hopscotch according to the list. Does that make sense?


I get It now! :smile:


Sure! I just need to create an actually good OC first :sweat_smile:


I will do this!

Right after I finish the other one.


Hey! I'm also gonna participate! Day 1 is tommorow!


Day One:


My new OC Flame


Just a question how is the 30 day of challenge HS related?


The last prompt, "Your Choice," we replaced with "Code something related to your character." Also, you can do the prompts in Hopscotch on a Draw Pad.

How is the drawing topic related to Hopscotch? Yes, the title says we are supposed to be comparing our paper art to our digital art, but does anyone ever really do that? Not that I've seen.


@EmeraldKittyCat, my OC is named Flame, too! I have 9 OCs!


LOL!!!!!! Cool! Do you wanna do my challenge?


It's day 2!
Time for the second challenge!
As always I will participate myself!


Bye Peeps! Please draw!


I said I would do this when I have finished @Serenity's OC challenge.


When will that be???


When I finish the challenge.
: /