Egg Game Music Competition+Feedback!


So, I'm gonna republish my "Egg Game"! I'm gonna make some new cute names, fix minor glitches, and add some visual improvements!

Here's a link!

I need some cute, short, and energetic music, so I'm having a competition for it! Don't make it too repeatitive, and finish today, please! Just use my game and add music! Give a link here when you finish! You'll get credit in the game, too, if you win!

Also, I need some feedback and tips! Thanks! :D

Friendly Mass Tag List!



Cool best game ever!
(First comment!)


Okay, I made a random tune, except it's a little repetitive.
May want to change the wait block.

Random Tune 1.0


I love the names!
The chicks are so cute!


The game is amazing! I have only made 1 song, and I am the worst composer EVER, so I am not going to do the challenge. But good luck in the game, and it deserved featured! :smile:


Awesom game! It's AMAZING! The first time I ever played that game I got Gibert XD


Please use the updated mass tag list. I took myself off.


Feedback: great! I love the new names, except for one.


I changed it to Gilberto on mine :D, but overall I love it!
It does glitch out a bit on the webplayer though D;

Here's my music that I made! I put it on a repeat forever, so if you need it to be a tiny bit longer (it's short, but kinda catchy), I'll try and add more! :D


LEL I'm not a Music-keteer. Sorry m8erino.


Okay, I'm sorry, I never saw that. :grimacing:


It's fine.


I really like it! Maybe a little more, it sounds a little repetitive, but it is really catchy! :D


I would, but I can only do it in a little while. I'll make some sotr of perky cute tune, though!


Can you also put usernames in there too? Not with the numbers or anything. Like how you did with Gilbert


I'll add some usernames without numbers.

As well as some secret Easter eggs, as in secrets.

Any ideas for those? :smile:


Okay, I'm proud of it! I changed my mind and decided to just use some random notes. I spent, like, twenty minutes in this so I'm surprised!


If you tap it's eyes, mlg sunglasses appear. Idk


XD please do that! Then have airhorns, illuminati, guy fawkes masks, doritos, mountain dew bottles, and the word MLG in neon fly from the corners.


Here's the updated version! I added a little ending thing to it, hopefully not as repetitive. :D


I took my name off...