Egg Game Ideas?


Okay, so recently, with the help of MagmaPOP, I have started an egg cracking simulator! Here's a picture:

Anyway, I really need ideas for this game! I need a background idea to start with, and if that goes well, I'll make it a game! Any ideas?

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Here's a like! I'm trying to reply but I have no time!




Ooh, I like that idea! How would you get them? (Tapping something, etc.)


:P I dunno. During the loading screen if there is one?


Idea time!

Maybe you control a bird which you have to protect from falling things which might break the egg. Thats it s far. :sweat_smile:


You could use them in a cooking game xD


Maybe the egg hatch a chicken, and have there a chance of hatching a rabbit? (Is this too difficult?) You have a limited time of cracking the eggs, and once it's up, show the number of chickens and rabbits.
P.S. You can add decimals to 98 if you haven't already. :)


Maybe your a mama bird and your egg is hatching. You have to protect it from falling out of the nest. There could be wind, falling twigs, etc that tries to drop the egg! lol this idea was really random :P


These are all really good ideas! Any ideas for backgrounds? That's what I want to get done right now.


Maybe a nest, with twigs, feathers, and a worm. And its on a branch.


Idea Stats????

  • Egg Hatching
  • Cooking
  • I don't know..,
  • Have a Poring eat it.



I want to make this sorta Easter themed, I'm prepping for it.


Oh ok! So the easter bunny is delivering eggs but it drops an egg and it rolls away. The point of the game is to try to catch the egg without it breaking.

Random idea


Extended Stats

  • Easter related
  • Dare OC's to eat it
  • Prove it's the Illuminati
  • Still don't know...



Omg that's so cool! Awesome game!


Maybe you could make a game where the eggs would be randomized and every time you played the game a random coloured chick hatched out of the egg! :smile:


Maybe for the background you could do a cute polka dot background in Easter colors!


I know a great background! The inside of a chicken coop, and add a few chickens! Maybe a chick could hatch out of the egg!


I love that idea! Any idea on how the shells of the egg would fall off?