EEEH CLOGGING UP LE FORUMS... Because I'm Taking A Break, At Least For A Little While... | Neo's (Non-Forum-Clogging) Notification Topic



So, I made a notification topic, so that I don't clog up the forum whenever I make a new topic about a game, or... IM LEAVIN.G or stuff like that... so... yeah... NOTIFICATIONS DOWN BELOW.

Now what the heck do I say now...?

Sunday, March 16

Yeah, I'm just taking a break at the moment. I'll be on tonight (as of the time I'm making this topic), and a bit tomorrow, but IDK if I'm going to have Internet over there in Chicago, (I'm going to mi grammaw's place), so, IDK really. So, just a heads-up if you're a Neo-stalker like @TACOCODE, (no offense man :joy:)


Okay, see you after your inactivey because of a trip-thing.


What the heck
I no stalk you
I am actually going to be getting on less becuz i need to focus on school more