Educational Hopscotch Projects?


Have you ever used Hopscotch to teach something, or as a project? Share it here! I almost always use Hopscotch for school projects, if I can, and last year, one of them was featured! So share them here, because I really like seeing them! In fact, I'm working on one right now! :wink:

Educational projects?

I'm doing a group project for language arts, and we might use hopscotch to create our "thing"


I can't believe someone mentioned this!

(I'm doing my happy dance right now!)

So at my school we actually have a coding club and hopscotch challenges of the week/month. We use hopscotch also for games about multiplying fractions and other things that relate to what we are learning!

My school account is iHersheyKiss too :3


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Our school doesn't even know what it is, but it's in the "app catalog".

I would love to use it for science projects! We are learning the cell cycle, and I think it could be beautifully represented!


Here's a WIP science project!


Wow. Why don't you make a project of what your learning about in school and show your teachers? That might promote getting hopscotch.

Wait.... Do you have school iPads?


We do have school iPads, that's how I found hopscotch!

It may be cool to make a cell cycle project and email it to my science teacher :smiley:


OH MY. Brain explosion. Hold on


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I haven't actually made a school project in Hopscotch, but I know a few of my friends who have! I think it's really cool that Hopscotch can be used for educational purposes.

(I have Hopscotch on my school iPad, so it really doesn't make sense why I haven't made any projects on it. :/)
Also, I just found out that next year, they are going to let us download any apps we want onto our iPads, which means I'll still have Hopscotch! Yay! And I'll probably be able to make some school projects with Hopscotch next year, too.


If I were @oio, I'd post almost all his projects here lol


Here's some projects I do for school

(The heart draw, compass rose, Christmas card and the powers of ten)


Okay, I got the idea down into my drafts.

It is amazing that it can be used for that purpose! It's a shame that they don't let us use it like that :frowning:


I think @PopTart0219's Music Maker is a great educational music video! (for musics)


Guess what :stuck_out_tongue:
We had to make an iMovie of how hopscotch can be used for educational purposes


I'm going to add to it and say that you have to clarify what note it is and then clarify how long the rest is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But for budding musicians... That could be awesome!


This sounds like a great idea!
I can't wait to learn on Hopscotch!


I hope you will be okay. Should I get the fire extinguisher?


Yeah you should. I will get the bandaids