Editing Question


Hi there! First of all, I love the new layout for the forum! All these new categories will really help, and will make it easier for people who only want to see posts related to Hopscotch, as there is one category for all topics not directly related to Hopscotch.
Good job THT!

I do have a question/bug/problem. I would like to edit my General Topic, but I can't anymore! I can't even delete posts. Is there a way that I could edit and delete older posts? If there's no way, I'll just recycle this topic, I guess. Thanks guys!


Yes, me too. ATM I have just created the new one, but I assume you could ask Liza to move it.


The random category is not for off topic posts, as you can see in the description-


And your editing and deleting problem is there because the topic and posts are too old. I don't know why it does that, but that's why. The Hopscotch team can't change this, but I think discourse can ;)


No worries, I'm not that great with them either :stuck_out_tongue:

ATM= At the moment.


It's in help with code. Can't be edited.


I created my General Topic in the "Random Stuff" category. I think its alright there :)


I changed it to Random Stuff.


Yeah, and that's fine ;D What I mean when I say off topic is "COME SEE MY NEW DOLL!"

Lol ;)


Yeah, those are good for random ;)


Yeah I think the default max time frame that you have for editing something is 6 months or so, (it is a setting that can be done in admin of the forum from what I have heard)

It would be really nice if we could still edit/delete older posts, wouldn't it haha. My only approach around that is to make things wikis if I think I really want to be able to edit things later on.