Edit Variables Through Code

So something cool to have would be the ability to edit variables. I ready suggested a “create variable” feature but I haven’t suggested an “edit variable” one.


Edit (variable) Can Modify (false/true) scope (global/local) type (user/local/game) clone (false/true)

Edit (variable) - You would insert what variable you want to edit.

Can Modify (true/false) - This option is only visible to the creator. The creator could select if other people that access the code can edit the variable. This can be super helpful for those who are not seed devs. It would allow you to block cheating, so players wouldn’t be able to modify scores or coins.

Scope (global/local) - Select if the variable should be a global variable or a local variable. (In case you don’t know unfortunately there aren’t global variables).

Type (user/game/local) - You can select the variable type. This could be very useful in some cases. Making a game variable become an user variable could be helpful.

Clone (true/false) - If you want the changes to be applied to the variable or to a clone that will be created. Clones will have a clone mark showing its a clone and what clone is it. Example:
Original Variable “MyVar”
Clones “MyVar (Clone1)” “MyVar (Clone2)” etc

Ok that’s it. Now I’ll continue to steal code exploring and modifying other games codes


This would be kind of useful