Edgy Hacker Association



All my hacker topics got deleted or unlisted
Including the edgy one :pensive:

Here’s another topic for it
Join if you want, ask me and I’ll tag you somewhere with the password
No rules this time, just don’t get too far with the hacking

Have fun :cowboy_hat_face:


Looks like no one wants to be edgy anymore :pensive:



I love being edgy but I really don’t want to deal with the drama of being a hacker


That’s fine I guess


I am the opposite
I am not edgy (except when I get angry) but I am a grey hat serving justice and revenge

(And @Gobli09, Yusamac told you that your edginess is cute XDXDXD
and today I got edgy with Mr xse)


I think he got angry with me lmao


Yeah, he tends to make people very very edgy. Even me if you believe it. Probably don’t…


The way gobli posts is fun and cute and makes me feel super comfortable talking.


Tysm dude <3 <3 i love the sarcasm


Dude, I’ve never been sarcastic on this topic.


“Makes me feel super comfortable talking”

Dude what are you talking about I never make anyone comfortable


Dude, of course you do.


Dude, of course I don’t


Ok but let’s not turn this into a pity party


Bump :)
All collabs die at some point smh


can I join pls I swear I’m qualified and everything and yes I’m edgy do you need my resume


You’re in

I’ll tag you somewhere with the password when you’re ready


I is red
thank for accepteing me into position


:((( goblin you have not tagged me what’s wrong


I have to choose a post which no one could find be patient :((