Edge thingy (maybe a bug)

So when I try moving objects out of bounds (out of the screen) and then bring them up to the screen, it just appears as if it stopped on the edge. Also the objects stops right on the edge no matter how much I want the object to move


I think it seems like this is from using the Move Forward block — the Move Forward block does make an object unable to pass the edge of the screen.

The Set Position block lets an object position itself off the screen and you can make it appear back on the screen again.
To make an object go off and back on the screen with the Set Position block, you can use it with X position and Y position variables to make it move relative to where it currently is.

For example, this makes the object move right by 10 (similar to Change X by 10)

I made an example project here:

The main thing to note is that Set Position is set to run “instantly” rather than move slowly like the Move Forward block.


Move Forward, Change X By, and Change Y By will fence (meaning contain) the object on the screen.

Solution: use Set Position instead

Set Position to x ((self x) + 5) y (self y)


Ok I just realized I’m the dumbest person alive
I used the set position block to make the object go off screen but then I used the change y block


Ok y’all can close the topic admins