Eating marshmallos ._. (MMM'S GT)


I’m Migi…
I joined here on the nineth of october!
I’m a boy who loves programming.
I don’t really do HS now.
I have an older sister her username here starts with “H”! (everyone guess!!!)

So yah this is ma GT cause everyone seems to make them xD.
Chat away and have fun!


Welcome! I hope you have a nice time here, I posted something on another topic that might be helpful for you too:

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
This is where Hopscotchers talk about projects, art, writing, and get to know each other.

Just a couple tips:

  1. When you make topics, do it carefully. Make sure that the purpose of the topic is clear, it isn’t a random topic, and there are no other topics like it already.
    Say you have a question about something, search to see if that question’s already been answered somewhere so you don’t have to make a whole new topic.

    Also, don’t make topics that aren’t about Hopscotch, the forum, or getting to know each other. You can have a general topic, which is a personal topic for talking with your friends.

    And never make multiple topics about one thing, like two general topics or posting the same question twice.

  2. Be nice! I’m sure you’ll follow this one, but just a reminder- no swearing or rude things, and accept everyone.

I hope you have an awesome time on the forum!


Welcome to the forum! I hope that you will have a nice time here!