Easy Forum Hacks!


These are some cool hacks you should learn on the forum

Credit to @MobCraft:
If you want to post an emoji, but you know the system will block you, this is how you do it:
1. Press Reply
2. Type stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye or whatever emoji you are using
3. Note, if your emoji is a short word such as
"smile", it might not work.

Credit to @happyfacegirl
1. hit reply
2. Tap 4 spaces
3. Then something cool happens!!
4. If you type "big" or "small" with "<>" brackets after that the typing will be small or big

Credit to moi:
1. Press reply
2. Type: h1font size: 26pt
h1 hello h1 with the h1in <> brackets

If you have other hacks plz let me know so I can add it to the list!!


Eat @Yakitori, cause it tastes good.

If you hit reply, and then type 4 spaces before you start, this happens!

Hey this is really really cool! Let's see if it works for me....




Woah I posted something blank!!!



font size: 26pt



If you type <big> and type after that it will be big!
If you type <small> and type after that it will be small!



Can you turn the topic on global edit?


I liek this topik
Anyways, here's a cool trick:
Do this: \* and then you can avoid it italicising dunno how to spel
Anyways it looks liek this *I LIEK HAMMMMMMM*


If you do this!

< s > (without the space)

You can make your text look like this!
You are reading this right now



What is the first hack about?


I think you have to put a : before it



Why might it be blocked tho?


Cool!!! That is really awesome!!


Because it has this pop up saying your post needs to be at least 20 characters.


Remember to Search before you post. :wink:
Here is a topic about this :D


I mean this has some mor triks