Easy (beginner version) for 3D objects


A lot of people, question how do I make a 3D emoji. In this tutorial I will be teaching you an easy version from SmilingSnowflakes.

It looks like this

You want to when the play button is tapped
Grow by 1000
Then set a value called Y
Set to 1
Make clones 50 times

Then go to when the character is cloned and do the rest

Hope this helped

Rotate is something I will work on :slightly_smiling:


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Thank you. I thought is would help. But all credit to smiling snowflakes


I used your code on Scratch and it worked perfectly. your code is easy to understand and use. the only changes i had to make to the code on Scratch is

HIDE the sprite/emoji that you start with.
And add SHOW at the start of when character is cloned.


I am glad it helped you :slightly_smiling: