Easter Projects!


Since Easter is TOMORROW! I thought I would share all my Easter projects with you ;D Feel free to share your below too! And tell me what you think of mine ;D

Easter BG:

Bunny Creator:


Pysanka Maker:


Approved Friendly mass tag list:



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I like dem all!!!!

Also, I removed myself off the tag list. wink emoji


Easter BG: The chicks look so cute!! They remind me of Peeps, which I can't eat because of my braces. :sob:
Bunny Creator: Like the drawings!!
Bunny: Like that he is thinking about a carrot. Very bunny-like.
Pysanka Maker: Like that you have info on the pysanka on the first screen.


Can you use the updated list? I took my name off.


@wookie can you go back to the last mass tag list im added there and some people remove ed them selves and heres my project.


Wait, tomorrow is Easter! (runs to hopscotch)


Easter Sanctuary!


Here's mine!