Easter Game Ideas: Help! Poll Included! Need Way More Votes! Still Need More Votes!



I'm making an Easter game, and I don't know if you should create a bunny or create an egg! I'm leaning towards egg, but maybe a bunny. Or an Easter basket. Please help!
Some inspiration-filled people:
Sorry, these may have been random tags, and this is not a mass tag list.

  • Bunny
  • Egg
  • Basket
  • Other Easter- related things (tell me, and if they're Easter-related enough, I will add them to the poll)





I think the egg game world be cool


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No, you get to make these things, but thanks for ideas, I may use them no matter what! I may want to use Values this time…


Need more votes, people. I need to create this thing soon.


I think it would be cool if someone made a 3D perspective Easter egg hunt


Hey guys I need lots of help on my Easter game check out my topic

And I'd love to see you make a bunny


Votes needed. Reviving topic. Inviting random people.


What if you do all of those things in one game


That would be hard, plus Easter is this Sunday, and it took me three days to make my "Make-A-Leprechaun!" game, which had all the qualities of a project that should be on Featured…I will start tomorrow.


Oh ok then. : )


I'll need to make my Easter project too! (I voted bunny in the poll)