Easter game -by MeaowCat



Yes, I can get on! What would you like me to make?


Now I really have to sleep so I will leave everything up to @MagmaPOP at my country it is 00:32 in the evening / morning and I am only _ years old !



I will leave everything to @MagmaPOP and there will be nothing like dead line (well until Easter ) so take your time!


@MagmaPOP, what's the password again?


I'm not gonna work on it till tomorrow as well... bye


Bye (I will tag you when I wanna start coding!)

Drawing on paper compared to

I'll help! :slight_smile:


@MagmaPOP I'm ready to code I started the home screen
@Rawrbear thanks I will need your help with sin and cos
@SmilingSnowflakes ? Do you need the account details?


Yes! :D


Can I join dis? PLEASE????????


Can I join I promise I won't do ANYTHING BAD!!


I'm ready! :D
I will like when you should delete. :D


@SmilingSnowflakes sorry I think I told you the wrong pass I will tell you again!


Are you ready @SmilingSnowflakes ?


I'm ready! :D


It turns out I won't be working on this... Sorry


Ok ! That happens!


But as you know the account details can you come at your free time and give tips?@MagmaPOP


Better remove me from the "doing the codes " credit


If its OK, I'll join! I won't be able to do too much, but I seem to have some form of knowledge for most of these things. I won't be mad if I can't join, I understand.