Easter game -by MeaowCat



So as you can see I'm trying to make an proper game !
I want to make it a Easter Hunt game like Find Creeper by @MagmaPOP and I need you guises help I want tips and I would like some help from these people!

  1. @MagmaPOP -as you are a truelegend and I really love how you make games cause it's supe awesome !
  2. @Rawrbear as you are brilliant with clones and sin and cos !
  3. @SmileyAlyssa you are good at making templates
  4. @SmilingSnowflakes I would like you to make a cute bunny !

List of people: @MagmaPOP (knows everything)
@SmilingSnowflakes (doesn't still know the account username or pass)


I can make a bunny! :D

1 - Does it need to be made out of shapes?
2 - How big should it be?
3 -What colors?


Actually I'm planning to make a account for this if the other team members doesn't mind!


I can help... Somehow


Thanks guys I've got a question for you @MagmaPOP would you prefer for me to make an account or to pass on projects?


Ok so please vote for usernames that I should do

  • Game Makers Team
  • Easter Game Team
  • MSM(RS) Team (stands for initials of members)
  • none of these (post below for a better one )





Are you replying to me or @Purdue19 and if you are replying to me does nope mean you can't do it or you don't want to make an account?


Ok I got it which username should I pick :question:


@Hermione, could I help? It's okay if you say no!


Maybe let's see how it goes !


I'm on the account right now... @Hermione


Okay! I saw the password, but I won't log in or tell anyone. :smiley:


I have to go sorry see you tomorrow!
(Can you start making the project)


That's so nice of you!


You want the bunny 3D or 2D?


I don't know !
The one which looks better I guess !
(I'm back on with my computer now as my iPad is out of charge!)


Can I join the account?


I won't hack, I promise.


Yes, yes I am........