Easter Egg Hunt!


Guys... I need help with ideas on my Easter game it's going to be a Easter egg hunt! But I don't know what to make it do or what people will like...that's where you come in and tell me suggestions! Please guys I'm desperate I can't come up with anything :joy::blush:


Ok, my suggestion is really hard to code...

Try having a dot/ simple character move around the screen to find Easter eggs. When you find all of them, you move on to a second stage. To spice it up a bit, you could add enemies you have to get past.

Hope this idea isn't too hard...


Good idea I do think I'll have a character looking for them that you move around @XiaoMiaoMi


Don't use drag options, though. I feel like that way is too easy... :confused:

I dunno, you decide.


What do you mean drag options?

I was planing on doing something I don't think anyone has done before

My plan was,

2 large arrows one on the left and one on the right its in first person view so you see what the character sees and you click the left and right buttons on the side to move



Oh, okay. That sounds really cool! I bet it will be REALLY unique!

Drag options are the last-touch-x and last-touch-y.


Hey so could you possibly (if you have any) give me some drawing tips I'm going to start drawing on my account :blush::laughing: (and what's a good pad to use) @XiaoMiaoMi


Can I help here? I know if you say no, it's ok.


@Wookie Sure! I'd be happy to!
I wouldn't suggest doing it on this topic, though. Let's stay on topic here!

On the other hand, the Forum's drawing topics are LOADED with great drawing tips! Try other people's help, too.

And thank you so much for asking me! I feel really honored to have people asking me for tips on anything... Thanks again!