Easter Egg Code!



So many of you have been asking how to make an easter egg, so in this tutorial, I'll teach you how! All credits go to MagmaPOP!

1. Drag out a repeat block and set it to 30.

2. Place a set angle from bottom of device block inside the repeat block. In the calculator section, press the plus button. Go inside the to the values section and click the rotation value. In the second blank, set it to 12.

Here's where the rotation value is!

3. Place a leave a trail block under the set angle block, but inside the repeat block. Set the color to anything (I chose blue) and the width to anything you wish (80 and up work best for what we’re doing now). Take out the move forward block and replace it with a set position block.

4. In the set position block and for the first blank, put in the cos block from the calculator section. Fill in the first blank with 40 and the second blank with the rotation value from the values section.

Right now, it should look like this:

5. In the third blank, put in the x position where you want it to be placed. For example, I have 500 right now.

6. In the next blank in the set position block, which happens to be the y blank, put in a sin block from the calculator section. We're going to jump to the second blank for convenience right now. In that blank, place the rotation value from the calculator section. In the third blank, put the y position of where you want the egg to be. I have 300.

7. Pull out a move forward block, and place a sin block inside. In the first blank, put in 15. In the second blank, put in the rotation value. In the third blank, put in 55.

Now for the hard part

8. Drag the entire sin block out. Include all of the blanks. You’ll see a trash can appear on the left side of the screen. Put the code in the first blank in the y part of the set position block, you first dragged out. You’ll see the shades of purple repeat again.

Your final product should look something like this

Play around with the code and show me what you have!

Happy Easter!

Pro-tip: To see the pictures larger, just click on them!

Yup, there are some simpler ways though, but I found that this brought out the best results


Yay! You made a tutorial! Maybe I could find some HSB that are great for eggs and add that on.
Happy Easter!


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Nice tutorial! I'll try it out! Maybe I'll make an Easter project out of it...


Awesome egg tutorial! :D


It looks pretty scary, but it gets easy once you get the hang of it!


Awesome! I may make some eggs for my games with this tutorial @Kiwicute2016


Awesome! The wording with the pictures makes it really easy to understand! (At least for me) thanks!