Easter Coding Contest! Join Now!



So…pretty much make a project related to Easter (religious or not…both are fine). The due date will be the 29th. I’ll also take 2 judges beside myself, so tell me if you want to be one.



  • Featured or Rising…(@hopscotch-curators?)
  • 100+ likes on Hopscotch
  • Shoutout
  • Pfp request
  • Screenshot from your project as my pfp for a week


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  • Mention in my bio for a week


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This seems cool! I might do it if I remember.


mm I could help out or be a judge, either one


Whatever you choose. I think I trust your judgement XD


hopefully I’m reliable


I’ll be a judge. I can’t code a project as I’m currently busy with another huge one heheh


Okay. Hm, let’s see…you’re in. Okay, we’ve got enough judges.


I was actually thinking about making something for Easter but Idk if I would get it before the 29th. I got a “busy” week or two until then lol


I’ll try doing this…


I’m working on something…it might not be done though…


I’ll try this, seems cool!
Edit: I have wayyy too many ideas
A quiz, jumping game, maker etc.


Combine them. Or just ask the llama


I’ll be a judge if there aren’t already 2


I want to combine them , but it’ll get too long and I won’t finish it on time…

:slightly_smiling_face:Oh great llama of the winter hopylimpics… what project should I do?
:upside_down_face:You must do, what you most desire, the dream in the EYE
:slightly_smiling_face:Ok llama just tell me clearly, I ain’t got no time for that desiring trash
:upside_down_face:Ok ok… well, you ain’t good at trail art or sin and cos, makers are too time consuming and you’ve done sooo many before, and you can’t do good games,

:slightly_smiling_face:Fine, should I just do the quiz then?
:upside_down_face:Eh, you can if you want.,.


Me: I should give this a try…
copies off code from a sin-cos egg

This is what it was supposed to turn out like, Poptart0219 made this on an ipad:

what happened instead:

I swear I copied the code the right way, but on the iphone there isn’t a length variable which is needed to make the successful sin-cos egg you saw at the top


(i would give credit for that code if it did work lol)

(it wouldnt just be an egg i’d put other stuff or something lol)


I think it needs to be

Set position x[5 x sin(variable)+512] y[10 x cos (variable) + 384]

Of course, all inside your repeat block along with draw a trail and increase variable


I’ll do this challenge! I’ll try at least!


Ill do it!!!


Still doesnt work 4 some reason

I’m gonna find my old ipad and try it there lol

(i have no idea where it went :p)


Have all the judge spots been taken??