Easter Bunny is Illuminati!



Theres been lots of St. Patrick's Day projects....

And now I present to you....

An Easter project...


I was inspired by @Anonymous
And I would like opinions....

What do you think of it? Should I make more?

Here's the link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvnlrolw2


I love this project!

Something you could do to improve is make it longer, and make that really long text wait longer!

But that's it, it's really cool!


Thanks! I should try that :thinking: But I don't want it to go so long they leave the project


Why must I run out of likes now? ;-;
Good job @DancingLollipop!
I am so proud


:0 Thanks! :D stands proudly


its really good! I love it!
and what @gilbert189 said


Thanks! I'm gonna make it better now. I realized there was something wrong that wasn't there in drafts :thinking:


Maybe make the text wait longer because while in the project I had to go in the code and make it all longer so I could read it :wink: otherwise awesome project!


Love it! Except the text moves a little too fast…

and we think the real Easter Bunny is living in our empty, dusty attic! We have been thinking that since last Easter! Better get started on a new game, Make-A-Bunny, I'm talented when I get ideas, and I have to start early, my Make-A-Leprechaun game came out only yesterday, and I started it on Saint Patrick's Day.


Here's the better version! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvow7thop


Awesome project! @DancingLollipop


Thanks! :D