Easily check the amount of pixels in your pixel art, with this very simple tutorial!


Have you ever made a pixel art, and wondered how many pixels were in it?
Well here is a very simple way to figure it out!

Have a custom block for the "pixel" inside of each of the color custom blocks. (Hopefully that makes sense)
Make a variable/value and name it "pixels created".
Insert that in the pixel custom block with
[Increase {pixels created} by 1] inside of it.

Make a new text block, and add a new
"when 7=7 block"
In that (7=7) code, add a [set text to {pixels created} block]

Hopefully this is understandable. This is a great way to figure out how many pixels you created!

I hope you enjoyed this easy and simple tutorial.

P.S. Make sure to have the "pixel" custom block inside every color block. (Because if not, this won't give you all the pixels in total)

How to do the pixel things like penguins, polar bears e.t.c?

Nice tutorial! :D


This is awesome! I don't do pixel art often, but this is great for the Hopscotchers who do! :D


Great tutorial! I actually figured this out after looking in your code :)


Cool. I actually started using that so I could beat you and dolphy for biggest pixel art.

New people wouldn't know how, though, so great topic.


This would be helpful if It couldn't count the pixels in my pixel art they are so small, 15 pixels, 12 pixels, 6 pixels, XD


I already did that, but I had to go find a project (which happened to be yours) to figure out the 7=7. Great tutorial!


I was wondering how you knew how many pixels you had!

Thanks for the super helpful tutorial


This is cool! I will use it if I ever will make a pixel art. If not, I am sure that you could use it for another purpose! I use a similar code sometimes when I do trail art to keep track of what I have to set the "Repeat times"-block to. Thanks for sharing this!