Easiest Way To Animate A Trail Art!


I came up with a simple way to animate a trail art. Much credit to @Valgo for inspiration. So here it is:


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  • Best thing ever
  • This is definitely simple
  • Meh could be better
  • I don’t really like it

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Don’t forget you can always make suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is awesome! Nice job!


Thank you so much :blush:




Thanks :joy: lol



That’s amazing! Well done!


Thank you! Yay you are one of my favorite Hopscotchers.


How would you animate something more complex than a circle? And with a more complex background? Would you have to keep clearing and redrawing?


Basically. Use a repeat forever, good question


This is cool but im not sure if it would work with irregular shapes



It does if you use flip


This project is really cool, I made something similar to it yesterday.

It uses the “Clear” method, and if you swipe up or down on the arrow or the text saying “Swipe up” or "Swipe doe " with your finger, you can choose if you want the iPad on the screen (an iPad Air) to be charged or not.


That’s amazing! I love it.


Thank you! I also think that the project turned out really good.