Easier way to reset user variables

Right now if you want to reset user variables you have to exit the project. It’d be easier if you could do it from the editor/player


I think that it could have a button to reset all user variables and product purchases.


Here’s an easy way to reset user variables. Just make a toggle that set all user variables to 0 (which is what they are set to by default).


Interesting idea – I think there’s at least a couple good ways to implement this:

  • project settings button next to “exit” or “play button” to reset user vars
  • press and hold play to bring up a menu (though this is far less intuitive, but it does save space – if that matters)
  • Essentially a “restart” button but in the editor which resets any user data associated with that project.

Is there any way you can save the variables
Like in all the seed dev projects


User variables are special types of variables that save a user’s data. These variables have an iPhone emoji on them (Advanced Mode only)

When I want to save progress, I just set the value of a user variable to value of a game variable.

Also, when you purchase a product in any seed dev project, it is automatically saved to your device, which cannot be reset.


Bump. because

thanks for the information.

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This’ll be helpful, when you set User Variables to 0 the saving feature won’t work, I’d like to see this addition.

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