Easier Way to Create Polls!



@happyfacegirl here. I just found a much easier way to make a poll than doing all the parentheses and stuff! so when your typing your topic thing...

...you see this. Now look to the very right, and u see that gear. When u touch that, one of the things that pops up says 'create a poll'! after that, it is super easy! Hope this helped, bye!!

WeatherCats's General Topic

@Huggingfluffybear has already made a topic like this. :wink:

Please SBYP!


we me.


Whoops! So sorry! I just saw this like 3 minutes ago and so I made a topic about it. I didn't think to see if a topic had already been made...


That's okay!

I sometimes forget to search too.

It happens to all of us. : D