Easier than totorial



Now, today we got a new video, but I know a MUCH easier way to do this. Remember, I'm just sharing what knowledge I have, not saying I'm smarter than the hopscotch team.
First, get the emojis you want.

Then, set them to the perfect size (you may need to experiment) while you're at it, add in the bring to front and send to back emojis you need!

Then, predict where you think the emojis would fit in the right spot (remember, you can alway experiment all you want)

Once you got them in the right place, get the controls! I'm going to use a square

You don't need any rule on the control (unless you want to be fancy, of course)
Now, for this to work, each emoji must have THE SAME EXACT rule. This is a demonstration:

....and you're done! Thank you for reading!


I love the idea @Hoppertoscotch! I think the Hopscotch team did it in case some people didn't know whta happened when the megamoji didn't move in sync for one reason or another. I think they were just making it as easy to understand as some people might find it hard. But I would prefer your way in this case. :cat::yum: Well done!


Yeah. I knew how to this because I used this technique once when I made a game when you are chinnchilla holding a poster. When I saw this, I was like "you can do it that way, but I have an easier way. Might as well share it!" So yeah. I'm worried someone will think I'm insulting the hopscotch team because I'm saying it's easier to do a way other than their way.


Don't worry @Hoppertoscotch! I think that people will understand where you are coming from. I do. :cat::yum:


Yeah, thanks for the compliment of my idea, by the way!


I feel like you will have a good channel on hopscotch so I'm gamergirlofgamers on hopscotch ok?


I'm 'ILoveSmudgey! :cat:'


I know. I looked in your description. Following you. I remixed a project asking if we could collab. Can we?!? PLEASE?


This is a great idea it would make things much easier for me


Not at all, in fact I think the Hopscotch Team would be really happy to see you sharing another way of coding something :smiley::smile: That's one of the main things that programming is about — always learning from each other and sharing. This is a really great technique by the way!


Thanks, @t1_hopscotch!


I agree with @t1_hopscotch