Easier Decimal Tutorial!



Are you tired of having to decide 15 by 2 every time you want 7.5?

or any other number with decimals...

There is a better and easier way of adding decimals into your code!

All you have to do is copy a point sign!

And then paste it after the number you want!

After the point you can add any number with the in-game keyboard!



@MagmaPOP if you where going to copy a comma sign why wouldn't u just copy a period or decimal point (same thing)


So instead of copying you want to copy... :neutral_face:
As long as it works feel free to to anything! :wink:


I was just saying why use a comma when you could use the decimal?


You mean the whole decimal number? If so you would have to copy every different number in you code! With this you dont have to type out a different one and copy it every time you change number! :wink:


I think she means why you don't copy "." instead of ","


yea I meant

@CreativeCoder and @MagmaPOP


Isn't it the European way of making decimals?


This was helpful. Thank you.


Oh, @MemorableChicken! I never knew. Thanks


No problem! I learn European style math even though I am in the U.S.