Early New Years Topic



Hello! The other one is too laggy to type! So, I created this one.

Here are some loosely enforced rules:
1. Please no spam
2. If we get incredibly high, do not use this
3. Please no spamm every 3 seconds
4. Keep it on topic, this will run into tomorrow, so use it wisely
4.5 by on topic, I mean hopscotch-ish related and some memes and gifs
5. pleaaaseee noooo spaaaammmm

Have fun, happy new year


"here are some loosely enforced rules"
I love that :laughing:


The odd ones are all pls no spam


Ok, can we meme? (Just A little bit)


ABC is on commercial so we can't see the concert! Moooom, 1D stopped playing drag me doooooooooooooown!!!


no! Please no memes they are so annoying


Memes and gifs are a yes yes yes


Guys I'm back! New topic? Me liky now let's get to 1000 AGAIN!!! Whoop whoop! Lol


@friendship2468 ok, sorry :cold_sweat:


It's gonna get flagged


Read my veryloosly enforced rules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Can we have not a lot of memes/gifs at one time tho?
It makes it laggier..


Can I REPIE on this one?!?? (I energetic)


We NEED Dumbledore here


Is it ok if I do a poll thing? It's about art stuffs (I'm gonna put the poll I added right before this topic started) if it's ok with you guys :cold_sweat:

  • yes
  • sure
  • no
  • seriously you're really annoying GO AWAY



When this gets 1000 posts we will move to another topic


But...but..... But...
Ok. What will we do then?


@BuildASnowman mod protection pls? (puppy dog begging eyes)


We need this also