Dylan329 and BB-Box Collab Account talk


This is where @BB-Box and me(@Dylan329) will be talking for our collab account. Hope you like this idea @BB-Box and hopefully we will make some great projects together.


Hi @Dylan329 having trouble on pixel art


Did you not see the help in my General topic.


Omg two senpais collaborating :00


Yeh, who knows what we will be doing. I think pixel art.



Well yer both great at that.

Are you trading drafts or collab-account-using?


We are collab account using account: Dylan-box


We can do this:


Oh for the colors would we have like 1million of them, or just do it without shading?

Either way it's fine with me

Shading or no Shading?


I think no shading


Maybe we can try to make this instead:


Ok I guess! We can do that. @BB-Box


Impressive :open_mouth:


@BB-box if you have time, can you set up the pixel art stuff, like getting all the lines, colors and the blocks together, and then I will try to help.


I will later today


I've done it and I made the first line.


Okay, I won't be able to work on much today, because I am leaving in an hour, and won't be back for like 6 hours.

10am rn for me won't be back until like 4pm


Wait, the first line has 1 pixel in it :joy:


I will try to make a little more later


Ok cool.

1 pixel done.

999 more to go.

Well actually idk how many pixels there are, but close enough xD