Dylan329 and Bacon Studios Collab Account Talk


This is where me @Dylan329 and @BaconStudios will be talking about our collab account, called "ThePixelArtCreators". We will make some really cool pixel arts.

Anyone can join in with this talk, but mostly me and @BaconStudios will be here talking the whole time.


I can't wat for awesome projects from y'all!


Wish I could like but I'm out of them xD and thanks @Sweetlina


We are starting a pixel art with 61 lines!

I Love Pixel Art! It's da best!


Lol me to ive only make like 1 ok pixel art but it was fun though


Just using this for a reference so I won't have to switch between topics, but here's our first pixel art we will make! @Sweetlina @BaconStudios



If y'all need some ideas just "@" me!


Trash that xD well @Dylan329 going to get started and then I have to get ready for bed beacause I have school tomorrow an I have to wake up at 6 for bus
depends what time we get done


Ok will do...

oh @BaconStudios I finished the first 5 lines, so you can now get started doing like 5-10 or something.


Ok :ok_hand: if we do 10 a dY then we should be done fast




We could probably both do 10 a day, or more.

I'm pretty quick at it!


@Dylan329 ok so how's about Thursday and weekend are are main acc days or when ever


Thanks for the ideas.


Oh, I was going to check out the collab like every day.


That works but I just had to refresh the app to get the edits you made


Oh ok, I guess I would have to do that also, when needed, you starting now?


Yes so if I don't respond you know why xD



Yeh I understand, I got to go soon.


Hey when you get to the arms is it like repeat left sometching times?