Dye or die? (Grammar)



You may not think this relates to hopscotch because it is a grammatical question, but I am working on a Easter egg coloring project right now so I don't have to do it on Easter Day like I did my Saint Patrick's Day project this morning. When you color and egg, do you DYE it, or do you DIE it? I'm pretty sure it is the first one, but I want to be sure, becuase it will appear several times in my game/art/fun project!
Anyone who knows the answer please help me


You dye the egg! :D


Dye it, as in dying hair


Jinx lol


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Thank you soooo much @Intellection74, @OrangeScent1, and @SmilingSnowflakes! I didn't want to be wrong on everything I wrote!


It's spelled dye! Dye as in

I am going to dye a egg


I am so sick I might die!


Sounds like a fun game! I should start making an Easter project too!


dye as in (tie dye)

  • dye
  • die



Yup! A pun I use is
If someone said "Benjiman Franklin (frankly, you could put any other person too died!"
I would say "his hair green"

About 5 puns were in there
Find all of them


Well nobody would be able to find all of them, you are the bun master.


It's dye

Dye means coloring something

Die means that you died :stuck_out_tongue:


I trolled as putting die :stuck_out_tongue:


You dye it not die filling space


It's dye. Not die.


I have never dyed my hair. :0

Although I do dye Easter eggs!! ;D


I dye Easter Eggs!

But dad if you don't let me get Hopsoctch I'm going to die!

Two different ways


noice trolling there @iReesesCup