DwarfDig. Please play and tell me the bugs


Hi, screenshots are not accurate completely. This is a game called DwarfDig and the way it works is you dig down (or to the side) and you sell the stuff you mine for money. If you get enough money, the shop has a lot of cool items

and in that picture you can see there is also diamonds you can buy stuff with. The way you get them is by getting pineapple ore. To get pineapple ore, you mine 100 stone. But you only start out with 30 space. So you have to upgrade your inventory space. One upgrade gets you 70, and because not every block is stone, two upgrades is the minumum for getting pineapple ore. You can also upgrade mining speed, enough of these will make you mine instantly. And in the shop there are also outfits and helmets. If you buy those, they show up in customize. Speaking of customization, you can customize your beard. the shop picture shows a customized beard. And if you look in all these pictures, you will see you can level up. The more you dig, the higher your level gets. At level 5 you unlock a drill. The drill makes you go down 10-20 blocks without adding the blocks to your inventory or experience. You will get both better and useless ores once you are level 101 or deeper. The ultimate pickaxe, which costs 50 diamonds, makes you mine 2 seconds faster. And now on to the music. I made both songs, pineapple 1 and pineapple 2, by myself. (That's the reason they suck) They can be turned off, however. Well that's all I can think of now. Here's the link again. Please tell me the bugs in DwarfDig also, please tell me what you do and don't like. Bye. Link Again.

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20% potato..... I expected that tbh


Finally did it. Took five minutes but kept putting it off. Link


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Is this the complete version of the game? Also, the sound thing doesn't seem to work, and could you add a how to play or maybe even a tutorial in the game? Spacing out the different buttons would be nice too. Thanks for reading!


Ok. Not really but if it seems that way this post is a month old. I will try :smiley:


Also, in the tutorial/ how to play I will explain that the sound thing turns off music after the current song is over.