Duplicates (sometimes) AREN'T clogging up the forum [RANT & INFO]



Where do I begin?
Duplicate topics are almost ALWAYS considered to ‘clog up the forum’.
If it’s a duplicate of a recent topic that’s still being posted in, that’s true, it is kinda annoying to see two or more REAALLLY similar topics in latest.
But think about this…

Are duplicates of inactive topics REALLY clogging up the forum?

To be honest, what would count as clogging up the forum?
The only thing that would REALLY count as clogging up the forum is two or more similar topics being posted in at the same time. Think about it. An inactive topic isn’t bothering you, it’s not showing up in your latest. So really only one of that kind of topic is bothering you. And that’s why dupes are (sometimes) not clogging up the HSF.

Feel free to reply with your opinion, but try as hard as possible to avoid a flame war :wink:

-Rex out, PAICE insert micdrop


Its kinda ironic that there was a similar topic about this yesterday.
Anyway, i agree, its helpful to search before you post but it doesnt always have to be considered spam when a similar topic is created after a resonable amount of time.


HAHA! I can’t stop laughing @MelodiousParrot


I think it’s also annoying how the same person makes the same topic!


Good topic!

But personally to avoid this i believe people should actually start looking at old topics more often rather than chilling in new or general topics. If they find it helpful, they should revive it - and maybe use the omtl to share it so others are aware too (and dont make duplicates).


We don’t want to exceed the bandwidth of this forum, dude.


What the heck is that


The storage available for the forum. Topics take up space.


I agree. Some topics are old and you can’t redo it again!


Sometimes it’s just annoying and there’s no reason to create another topic


This is too old and I’m too tired to defend myself


Oh my gosh I made one single point then declared this as fact