Due to new set text code, frames are missing


Your username: Panthera

What kind of device are you using?: some new Ipad, the school didnt tell us

1 sentence description of the problem : I have objects showing up in the wrong place as well as objects disappearing

Steps to make the problem happen:
1.open project and see 3 missing objects
2. Exit project and two objects appear at spot x when they should be at spot y and z

I expected this to happen: i would get a background with five trees and the Play and How to play buttons would appear above and below the loading icon

But instead this happened: i was missing the middle trees and the play and how to play showed up on top of the loading icon
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


This is a common bug, but just in case if it is not can I please see your code.


Sure. Also found another thing too- variables aren’t working.


Can do better than that. Here’s a link.


Lol it already has 11 plays in 40 seconds…


For the trees there is a bug that I’m aware of - it’s not exactly a bug, but it refers to the same code. Since all 5 trees have the same code, they don’t all appear. So maybe try deleting them, and individually redoing them with different features like a size 1 % higher or lower.


Huh. I wonder why.
The thing is it worked two hours ago and now it isn’t.


How to play isn’t a bug, you should try avoiding blank texts and make it invisible. Making objects invisible is always the better solution rather than empty texts or size 0


K. Thing is, I’ve had trouble with invisibility in the past, so I don’t liek to use it unless absolutely neccicary.
This is one of thse “absolutely neccisaity” situations, so I’ll go fix that.


The trees are still a little buggy so I’ll use a cloning method to help out.


Ok! Thanks!


Ahhh, I figured out another mistake in your code. You didn’t have ‘bring to front’ so since your project became laggier (due to adding more to it) the triangle was brought to front.


Triangle? What triangle?


The snow ramp.

Anyways it’s all fixed. Cloning is much better and easier. @Panthera

Just have a good look at how I cloned it and try using the same method next time.


@awesomeonion changed the way the Player works earlier today with respect to Set Text blocks. This bug may be related.

awesomeonion, see the project in post #4 above. The Set Text block isn’t setting the text for some of the objects. (Through testing, both the Set Size & Set Angle are working, just not the Set Text)

Set Image Block Bug?

No, cloning works fine. It’s using the exact same code where I notice bugs. The bug is old, I’ve seen it for a while.

Edit: I have seen it in different ways. This is becoming buggy. I believe that frames are missing due to the wait that was recently added.
@Awesomeonion this is a universal problem.


Ahhh! the same thing is happening to me and my brother on Super Mario Mini Games! Haaalp! (And this is happening to already published games :frowning:)

Some of the texts don’t even show up when called. This is so annoying

@Liza @awesomeonion @SuperMarioMiniGames


Cloning works, using indexes.


Hmm, I’ll go back to the old version. If you have a smaller project that demonstrates what’s going wrong I can fix.


wait @awesomeonion, i thought you couldnt push updates bc apple was liek NOPENOPETYNOPE

or is it different for the webplayer?

you should add advanced settings in hopscotch where you can choose which version of the webplayer to use, stored in a github repo or something lol

that would be cool, to see if it is a bug with your code in a project or a bug with the player