Dudey's topic! (Has been April foolsed) rip



Pretty much, this is a random topic for announcements and random things. :grinning:

Inspired by other people who did this! :smile:

So, here is the first announcement.

I figured out how to get updates without an App Store! My school has its own weird App Store, so all I need to do it delete and reinstall HS to get the update! :smile:

4 leaders gone... This is bad

Yay! Congrats! :DD

My school deleted App Store, so I had to make an appointment with the school technician... ;-;


I'm watching this topic! :D

Reinstalling doesn't work. ;-;


Same, we have to go visit the school Media Center. ;-;


Really? I just tried it and it works!


Really?! :0

I'll try again!


Installing... :grin:


I hope this works.......


Le suspense is terrifying...



It is! XD

Rawry, did it work?


No. ;-;


Dang it App Store! ;-;


I hate the kids who try to download apps. ;-;


That is pretty much every boy in 6th grade. XD


me and my friend had done dat. XD she had to reset her IPad XD


This isn't related to- wait it is, my bad. That was ■■■■■■.

Just don't get too off topic :wink:


I won't, sorry if I did. :smile:


Yes it does! Because for some reson I need my mums password to update apps and not download so I delete and reinstall


@RenegadeBird1, can you check your SaphireBird account activity? I unfollowed and followed like 4 times, I was just wondering what happens. :smile:


xD Only one notification popped up—