Dude73 and Bluedogmc's logo collab topic!


Continuing the discussion from Art pad collab help! :D

Ok @Dude73, this is where we can talk about the logo for @Goobrgrlrye's pad, this way we won't clog that topic with our logo ideas and stuff.

Please only reply if tagged or if your in the drawing pad collab! Sry if that seems exclusive, but me and dude73 are working on a logo and this is where WE can just talk about it with other collab members.

Ok here's my rough sketch. Don't mind my handwriting! Ps. If you had something else in mind, it's ok! We'll figure something out!

What do you think @Goobrgrlrye, any suggestions/feedback? It's up to you want you want you want the logo to look like!


I am almost done with mine, but I have to get ready for school so I will have to post it later. :smiley:


Ok, thanks!


I coded my idea! This is a rough sketch! Then maybe we could combine mine and yours?

Link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xxgnyaxqa


Wow guys! A topic on the logo is a great idea! And those are some great idea on logos too!


What do you think about the logo I made? What should I change? I won't be offended, it's up to you! (To @Goobrgrlrye)

Also, did you finish your design yet @Dude73?


I finished mine, but it is pretty much like yours. :sweat_smile:


It looks great! Really! Keep up the good work! :wink: