Ducks_happy art topic!



New style!!!


I know you aren’t new hehe but there’s a drawing topic you can post your art on without making new topics





Hiiii @ducks12!!! What’s up!


Ya ikt I was testing cause my posts kept pending than I asked fizzy she said to wait im good just can’t delete my posts


Oh hi @Jordan nothing much what bout yoy



your art is sosososocute but i do request that you keep it on the drawing on paper topic, so to not clog up the forum.

thanks! :U


Sorry this is off topic on my own topic I just don’t know where to write this @Kitkat26 I asked my science teacher he said lactose intolerant is a genetic mutation idk he bad at answerinbv question so if aren’t lactose intolerant then its mutated idk?


Great topic! Your art is awesome!

I agree with the others, perhaps this would be better suited on the drawing on paper topic! But if you sort of want your own individual space to post your own art, a GT would be a great place to put all of your art!!!