Ducki's one and and coding club!


Oh okie doki


@Ducks_Happy, I think I’ll just not claim it, I don’t really want the prize.


Oh ok, well if you change your mind let me know!:grinning:


Okie doki, but I think this is my final decision.


@Ducks_Happy I am not claiming my prize because I am just very busy.


Claiming my prize!
First, what’s a lollipop request, and second, about the likes, if you mean Hopscotch likes, you can skip that, because one of my accounts is one I share with my brother, the other one has some pretty bad drawings, and I’m inactive on both, aka I haven’t published a project in months, if you mean forum likes, I don’t really care about likes on the forum that much.


I explained what a lollipop request is in the next comment, but, if you want me to explain it again I would be obliged!:grinning:


Okay, I looked at the post. I’d like a drawn “rainbow lollipop, with a kawaii face, a bow tie, and a mustache!”


Lol, you got it it will be done before Thursday!:grinning::lollipop:


@t7lks old topic thanks sorry pomtl

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