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idk what a Valkyrie is but it sounds creative so ill search it up, but be creative so I mean yeah sure!


It’s Norse mythology. I probably should’ve explained it, so I will.
Valkyries were women with wings who would bring deceased warriors from the battlegrounds to (I forget the name of the hall) a party hall where the warriors would party. Basically the Underworld of Norse myths.


Oh ok, sounds pretty good!


Quick fiy you don’t have to include the quote, but, it would be great if you did!:grinning:




This looks fun!:slightly_smiling_face:


Forgot to ask this, but do I tell you my request now?


Here is mine:


Aw, this looks lovely. :slight_smile:


I dislike my drawings. I really want a coding challenge.


Don’t dislike it. At least you can draw just a bit.


That looks amazing!:grinning:


Your drawings are awesome! All these challenges are coding and art, but if you would like a separate coding challenge, I could totally whip one up!:grinning:


No, don’t worry. It’s just that all three of the challenges so far are art.


Oh ok, next challenge I will make it something that you can code.


I don’t think I stuck to the quote all that well, but this was for another art contest and kinda related to the theme, so here’s the Valkyrie!


Here’s my entry
I decided to do the lsms since I haven’t drawn them in a while


Oh my gosh yes! I saw this while I am binging some queer eye episodes, so this is amazing.


You got a perfect quote.
And drew it perfectly!


@Amulet_10 @tankt2016 @SwimmerGoals please claim your prizes! They need to be claimed by tommorow!:grinning: