Ducki's one and and coding club!


May I join for the art portion of the club (I am really bad a coding)


You should reply/tag him/her to get his/her attention easier


@Ducks_Happy May I join for the art portion of the club


Of course we would love to have you!


Hi everyone I promised a new challenge so here it is!


This art/coding challenge (you can do either one idc) is relatively simple like all my others. For this challenge you will be drawing any of your oc’s cosplaying as your/their favorite character it could be from a movie,book,etc. maybe even your favorite YouTube!:grinning:

  1. No copying, stealing, or tracing this must be ORIGINAL!:grinning:
  2. Be creative!:paintbrush:
    3.Be a good sport and respectful competitor
    4.And last but definitely not least, Have Fun!:laughing:
Prizes and due date

This is due October 4th but results will be on October 5th
If I get enough entries there will be three prizes handed out

  1. Grand prize bag 15 likes and a shoutout (I will explain more later)
  2. Runner up prize bag 10 likes
  3. Prize bag and 10 likes.
Info on prize bags

I’ve been stressing about this art club like I stress about everything else in life. I wanted to find a fun and creative way to hand out prizes! So I decided I’ll give prize bags (virtual). They have prizes inside on a piece of paper. Every time someone wins a challenge they will receive a paper with their prizes. Their are three different prize categories Grand Prize bag, runner up bag, and prize bag. Irl (so unfortunately you can’t be there) I will pick from each bin, let’s say you won 1st so I pick from the grand prize bag on your paper it says Trail art request, art request, and game request. So there is your prize. I will also take a picture of the paper so you know it’s actually what I drew from the bin. I’m almost finished with the prizes once I finish I will list all the stuff you could win from each category there are about 15 per category so we can have new prizes every so often. Sorry if this was confusing, if you have any question feel free to ask me because I love answering questions and asking them xD!

Art club members






I might not be able to do this - I’m doing something whilst this is on, sorry. I’ll try though.


Ok, thanks for letting me know!:grinning:


@Ducks_Happy So I had a lot of time on my hands so zi finished the challange. I only did the top half (that’s normally what I do when I am drawing my OC’s). This is my OC dressed as his favorite villain The Joker (Oof sorry for the bad drawing)


I like the drawing, and creativity!


Not going to be able to do this. Sorry!


So, I’ll be able to do the challenge, as I just got back from my trip. The issue is I don’t have an OC. Although I did create a mermaid character a few months ago, I guess I could use her?
btw we’re getting another small animal soon!


Ya you could use her or create a new one if you’d like!
A new small pet? Awesome I hope you have fun with your soon to be pet!:grinning:


Thanks, I will! Just got to decide which type.


Sorry I didn’t mean to say her i meant them :sweat_smile:


Again! Is there a way to join this club?


Ducks_Happy will probably let you in when he/she goes on the forum. :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah of course if you would like to join I could add ya!:grinning:


@ChickenGirl @Amulet_10 @Legendary_myth @tankt2016
@background_inc @SwimmerGoals @Mei
Quick reminder that your drawings are due in 5 days!
(Sorry if I tagged you and you said you couldn’t do this challenge I have really bad memory!)


This looks fun may I join your art club ducki?


Yes we would love to have you!:slightly_smiling_face: