Ducki's one and and coding club!


That’s really pretty! I really like the background!


Not, thanks! But my cat’s condolences seem to be: “Why are you all upset? I was always better, anyway!”


Ok, silly cat, I’m sorry for your loss.


“Yeah, right, the loss of what I wanted for lunch!”
If we get more, I kinda want to get a kind we can house together. He’ll say,


I will be participating, actually. My hamster passed away sometime last night, probably from respiratory illness. Hopefully Vanilla went to hamster heaven and not hamster “down there,” as the latter is probably kitty heaven.
We may get another hamster or two next week after our trip, because the cage and stuff cost about $300 and for a month, that’s kind of a waste. Vanilla will be buried in our backyard.


Challenge is due in two days!


Hisjskjshs I know what I’m doing tomorrow lol


Just saying, I might not be able to do next week’s challenge because I’m taking a trip from Tuesday to Thursday and getting another small pet the next day/day after. I have eight tabs open on whether to get domestic mice or a hamster!


Oh ok, thanks for letting me know ahead of time!:grinning:


My quick, 12 am quality, terribly done entry

Sorry it’s bad, I’m way too tired to do anything in my life.


Terribly done? You blended pretty nicely!


That’s nice of you to say that. To me it’s terribly done, mainly because it was done 12 in the morning.


That’s really good for midnight!


I guess it’s alright, but then again I wasn’t really feeling too tired so I could have done better.


Late… Sorry :sweat_smile:

It’s a leaf :fallen_leaf:


Since I only got three entries there will only be one winner

And the winner is…@tankt2016

Congrats your prize is a art request, 20 likes, and a shoutout!
Please claim your prize before 9-28-18 aka in 4 days!:grinning:
Thank you for participating @Amulet_10 @background_inc and @tankt2016


@pomtl registrations are still open for my art club! I’m excepting 15 more people, if you would like to join just ask before this date:9-30-18
Next art/coding challenge will be posted tommorow


Thanks! And great job, @Amulet_10 and @background_inc!
I don’t need the prize, though.
And just saying, I’m going to be on a trip for the next three days, if I don’t make the deadline for the next challenge. But I probably will.


Can I join this?

Reasons why
  • I can’t draw

  • I can’t code

I’m definitely getting in


Of course you can join!:grinning: