Ducki's one and and coding club!



Why hello their beautiful artists and coders. I have decided to make an art club! We will have new challenges weekly and results weekly.

Coding part: Since this is a coding app I decided to make a portion of this for coding! We will have some challenges were you can draw it or code. Maybe even a separate challenge for coding! Not all challenges will have coding just because I don’t wanna stress to much.

Art part: For the art part it goes like this… unlike coding we will have challenges every week except if I am on vacation and can’t check anything. Some challenges I’ll give each and every one of you something different, some just will have a theme you have to follow.

How to join: Anyone can join, for the art part and the coding part. All you have to do is ask! Then I’ll put in the member list. If your a coder and don’t want to do the art part just let me know. Same for artists that don’t want to do coding.

Extra Info: I wont make a new topic for each challenge, cause I don’t want to clog up the forum. Instead I will just tag you on this topic.

If you have any questions, comments, and or concerns just tag me @Ducks_Happy and let me know! :grin:

Members: @Ducks_Happy(me)

The are a bunch of things to do here!... Defeating Creativity's enemy!

This challenge is relatively simple. What you have to do is draw or code something fall related. For instance you can do an event in fall such as Halloween or you could just do something that reminds you.

Members of the art/coding club



1.No copying
2.No tracing
3.Must be fall themed
4.Be a good sport
4.Bring people up don’t tear 'em down
5.Must be posted by September 22nd

Results Day and prizes

Your work needs to be posted by September 22nd but results will be on the September 23rd
Art and coding wont be judged separately.
1st: Art request, shoutout, and 25 likes
2nd: Art request, and 20 likes
3rd: Art request, 10 likes




I should’ve mentioned this before but you can draw or code this.


I’ll join


Okie dokie I’ll add ya to the list!:grinning:


Can I join?


Yes of course! I’ll add you!:grinning:


I’ll join!


Ok I’ll add ya thanks for joining!:grinning:


I might not finish the challenge because I’m stressed about my hamster who seems to have respiratory issues and I want my mom to call the local vet and get an appointment ASAP.

Sorry about that.


No worries thanks for letting me know early!
And I will keep your hamster in my prayers.


I am not too good at drawings and that kind of art, but I wish you good luck with the art club!


@Ducks_Happy, may I please be apart of your club?


Also, can I enter something I already drew?


Yes you can!:grinning:




Thank you!:grinning:


Posting a reply. But this is the third post that was pending this month!
Long story short, I’ll enter because I’m not that preoccupied anymore because my hamster passed away last night.:cry:


What’s.???.. I’m soooooooooo sorry your hamster died. Do you need a virtual hug?


Also, here’s my entry. Tap for better quality.