Ducki's first group of projects about to be released



Why hello there everyone! So this was sorta inspired by @DoubleWaspStudios. First off AlpacasCanCode account is getting confusing because its my account but its for school so I can see the entire classes projects and its getting annoying so I’m using my extra account and turning it into a coding account! Or wait I do have DuckscanCode…

About this topic: On this topic I will post all my groups of projects so that way I don’t spam the forum, constantly. My tag group will be tagged every time I post something Important or a group of projects.

About the next group of projects: Their theme is Halloween! Halloween is in 29 days so I’ve already started working on those projects! Their will be about 4-7 projects, it depends how well my creative flow is going!

Date: Im not quite sure when I will be releasing these but probably around October 12th-October 25th no later than that.

I will be posting a poll to see if you want to be in my tag list below, I do have a poll in my gt but its sorta hidden.


Here is a poll to be in my tag list.
(Don’t worry I wont spam tag)

  • yes
  • no, thank you

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(Don’t worry I wont spam tag you)


Yeah, you won’t.


Lol I promise and I will definitely try my best!:grinning:


Also @ilovechickens you said yes on my other poll do you still want to be in?


Oh yeah ! Definitely uwu


Okie dokie!:grinning:


I am really excited about the first group of the projects! I signed up for the tag list too.


I’d be glad to see the new projects! I did sign up to be tagged, so can’t wait to see them as well!


@William04GamerA @tankt2016 @Jordan @ilovechickens @HopscotchRemixer @Yusamac205 @Amulet_10 @Fizzy_27 @Mei @RainbowSunset
First group of projects have been realeased! :grinning:

If you have any constructive criticism I would gladly take it!:grinning:


Also, I made this on my new account DucksCanCode!:grinning:


Kayz, cool projects. A little simple though don’t ya think?

Kayz means k or ok, but is meant to sound more light and teenish… IDK, I just decided to add it because that is what I would’ve told you if you were standing in front of me right now


Ya there simple, we’re moving schools so I had to make it fast so I had to make it simple too.


So you won’t be able to use Hopscotch anymore?


Ah, ok, that’s nice. Wait, WHAT!? Switch schools!? Will you be able to use Hopscotch at your new school


Cool projects! They all have a theme and are well-made, which I think is really good.


Well we have a home ipad but it’s really glitchy so I’m saving up for a new iPad so I will be more inactive.


At my current school we’re able to bring our iPads home but at my new school nope…so I will be less active on hopscotch (I’ll be active on the forum)


Thank you!:grinning:


Yeah, and Hopscotch is pretty hard on a phone. And I think with the updates, it’s gotten laggier.